Mart was born in the spring of 1978 in Eindhoven, a town in the south of Holland. His parents noticed his artistic abilities at a very young age and supported him in developing his creativity. Although he pursued an education in Building Engineering, he continued to develop his skills in drawing, painting and architecture.


During his first year of studies he discovered the world of make-up. He started promoting and selling several brands, and giving make-up lessons to beauticians and hairdressers. He had found the perfect outlet for his creativity, and loved the freedom and opportunities that it gave him. He started working for several theater and dance groups, making him an expert in applying extravagant make-up that also had to resist challenges such as heat and sweat.


After finishing his studies and working for several years in project development, he came back to fulfill his passion - hair and make-up. He started working as a full-time hair and make-up artist in 2004, after attending House of Orange in Amsterdam, as well as intensive hair training courses at the Hairschool.


After 15 years of experience in make-up and seven years in hair, he has spread his wings and established himself globally. He works throughout Europe and spends most of each winter in South Africa, working for an extensive range of clients worldwide.


His versatility as a make-up artist comes from many years of experience and a wide range of commercial, editorial and creative work. From natural, glowing or matte skin, to a flawless smokey eye, perfect lips or even Galliano-inspired make-up, he takes pleasure in satisfying any brief perfectly! He is fun and easy to work with, and pays close attention to those that engage his services. As he says, listening on the set is crucial to delivering an end result that exceeds the client’s expectations. In this manner, good communication leads to “heavenly” creations.




Beauty: Nivea, LOOkX, Make-up Studio, L’Oreal, Schwartzkopf, John Frieda, Wella, Beauty Addicts.

Fashion: Lascana Lingery, Nike, New Yorker, Björn Borg, Esprit, Mexx, G-Star Raw, Bon Prix, Hans Ubbink, Yelmoli, Level Eleven, Le Gatte Fashion, Gotha Fashion,, Coolcat, The Sting, CARS jeans, Salsa Jeans, Sasha Shoes, Deichmann Schoes, Dolcis Shoes, Luca Stefani Shoes, Dick Boons, Blu Kids.

Juwelers: Otazu, Stenzhorn Jewels, Siebel juwelers, Van Willigen juwelers,  van Leeuwen Juwels, Bibi van der Velden, Zitara Jewelry.

Random: Mercedes Benz, Microsoft,  Kellog’s Special K, KLM, Transavia Airlines, Bloemenburo/Dutch Flower Council, Hans Anders, Hypotherker, Bahlsen, Maxi-Cosi, Volkswagen, Kent Cigarets, Bols Genever, Kobalt, Heineken, Fiat, Bacardi, Sky Radio, Eyeworks, Sikkens Paint, Hotter than my Daughter TV programm, Intratuin.


Gala (France), Marie Claire, Amica, Wallpaper, Weekend le Vif, Shape (USA), Celebrity, FHM (france), FHM (dutch), Juweline, Eyeline,  JFK, Jacky, Dossier,  Brown, Winq, UCElife, Bild, SL magazine, Talkies, GrupoBlank Panama, Linda wonen, Beau Monde,  Margriet, Libelle, Viva, Flair, Vriendin, Esta, Brigitte, BLVD, BLVD-man, Trouwen, Midi, Supperzinne.


Chef de Cabine:

Bibi Van der Velden, Michaelski, Kristel Ivens, KLM, Transavia, Bijenkorf, Den Hague Fashion Academy.

Teamed on: Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Blue Blood, Percy Irausquin, Jan Taminiau, Hans Ubbink, Daryl van Wouw, Sherida Augustin, Mada van Gaans, Marlies Dekkers, Coiffure Awards, Elite Model Look, Fashionweek Amsterdam, UFTA’s, Arnhem mode Biënnale, Nacht van de Lingerie, Den Hague Fashion Academy




Why hair and make-up?  I have a passion for art, pictures, photography, and painting. Hair and make-up is a wonderful outlet for my creative energy. I love working with my hands, with other people, experiencing the diversity of the fashion business, creating amazing looks and always having the urge to make people more beautiful than they already are. (Made me wonder why I studied finished it and worked into Architecture?!?) After 15 years experience in make up and seven years in hairstyling, I know I have found my passion.


What’s your work philosophy? Listen very well to what people want, communicate clearly, then do your thing. And being flexible if they may change concepts. If everyone communicates well with each other, then you’ll arrive at a magical result.


Who is your ultimate style icon? Grace Jones. Love and adore her beauty features, and they’re really timeless.


What makes you happy? How long may this list be? Being in good health - mentally and physically, seeing my parents still share loving cuddles and teasing each other after 40 years, guiding people in improving themselves, seeing the Milky Way so bright in the middle of the untouched beauty of South Africa, scents of flowers in a garden, the touch of a tender hand on my head, and - of course - big hugs.


What does freedom mean for you? The ability to work whereever I want, meet new and interesting people who can help you on your way to success. But most of all, being an individual, no matter what size or colour you are or what you wear. Have respect for each other.


Is there more truth in the depths than on the surface? Oh yes… I’m a very spiritual person who looks at someone’s outer appearence, but feels the inside as well.


What is your greatest pleasure? In pleasing everybody… Sounds weird, but I want to make everyone happy. I love to see smiles on faces.


What are your greatest sources of inspiration? I find my inspiration in music videos , movies, websites of other artists, FashionTV, reading magazines and visiting art exhibitions. All of this keeps me updated.


What do you never leave the house without? Sounds dull, but I never leave without my lip balm, I really get nervous if my lips start to crack.


Are blondes really preferred? Blondes, brunettes, redheads… I look more at someone’s personality. That can show beauty or reveal something else. Of course every colour has its own specific beauty.


Which contemporary artist/designer recently impressed you the most? I love colourful work, from paintings to photos. For some reason I love art containing humour. Both Miles Aldridge and David LaChapelle still keep on amazing me with their gorgeous pictures. But in art, Andy Warhol is still my hero.


Which lips should one kiss? Any lips in the Dolce&Gabbana Campaign pictures will do ;-)…


Sex sells. Why actually? Sex is still a hidden desire that drives everyone. People will always have fantasies which occupy their minds. Pictures, art, books, a certain touch or even delicious food can satisfy people in their search for more fantasy. In make-up, it is the art of making a girl even more stylish and sexy without becoming slutty.


Why or for what reason should you cry? I cannot understand why people don’t want to cry sometimes. Laughing and crying are so close to each other. I can cry because of a good movie, a good book, and sometimes even because of happiness. But tears also come of course from family trauma and other tragedies, and even the pain of someone close to your heart. Don’t try to hide your pain, let yourself go if you have to, it makes you stronger and you’ll stay pure as a person.


What should everyone definitely do at least once according to you? Making a world trip. See something of the world, come out of your comfort zone and explore new things.


What’s your favorite film? I have a Top Five: Tapas, Amélie, The Children of Huang Shi, Little Miss Sunshine and Schindler’s List.


What profession will you practice in your next life? I think as a contemporary artist, but life’s ways are mysterious. Perhaps I will have to explore a new part in my next life to give my soul a richer collection of experiences.


What do you like to spend money on the most? A LOT! If I take a look at what I spend, I can say that I really like body oils, perfumes, creams and stuff to nourish myself with…


And lastly, what’s your life motto? Life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get. So enjoy every chocolate with the fullest satisfaction and biggest smile you’ll have.